by The Alamo Freeze

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released November 15, 2013

The Alamo Freeze is:
Matt McCarthy - Drums, Percussion
Brian O'Connor - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Davis Snedeker - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gray Stephenson - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Also Featuring:
Quinn Sternberg - Bass on all songs
Michael Caldie - Trombone
Alex Graham - Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Matt Riggen - Trumpet
David Chervony - Additional Bass Guitar on "Dead Ends" and "Cheap Blow"
Danny Huggins - Additional Guitar on "Bridges"

Recorded, mixed, and produced at
Various locations by The Alamo Freeze
Mastered at Russian Recording by Mike Bridavsky
Album photography and design by
Band photography by Laura Telthorst



all rights reserved


The Alamo Freeze Bloomington, Indiana

The Alamo Freeze is local Bloomington band known for explosive and fun live shows that careen from dark, ambient textures to joyous full on rock and roll, they are quickly becoming a must-see live band in Bloomington. A collaboration designed to bring in a wide range of influences, their debut "Livewire" is dark and electronic, balanced out by an organic rock rhythm section. ... more

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Track Name: Bridges
Fix your eyes, oh your eyes on me
I want to know, want to know
What you see
Am I beyond repair
Or possibility

Been here before, nothing I can do,
I'm terrified to show you
All the things I see
All that makes up me

When I look at you I want to see myself
But if you're not like me, it's just as well
Let's build a bridge that no one else will ever know about
And we can disappear, and ring in a new year, with nobody else here

You know you shine, oh you shine, you've caught me
I'm so afraid, so afraid
of what you might be
Hope you never find out
What I'm hiding

I'll shut it off if you read my mind
If you get too close to that split inside
I want you to feel this terrified
Of falling short, of falling silent
Track Name: Just as Real
I want to go back, I'm too afraid this time
What I see is something new, there's no map inside
Who the hell are you and who was I
And all the waiting, changing, slowly fading is lost time

There's nothing left to lose
But nothing left to take
It's over now
Those nights are all I think about

For a moment, you are all I see
I lift up from my pain and now I'm quite at ease
There's no striving, wanting, hurt or need
The distance is outside my mind, there's a veil between

I had that dream again
You knew where I had been
You understood
What I know that you never could

Rushing out I want to taste and touch
I fall back inside and I'm aware this dream's too much
I'm overwhelmed by what I can never know
The light it fades and suddenly I'm all alone

You're just as real as me
You see the things I see
So what are we
I'm amazed at all the space between
Track Name: No Goodbyes
And I let all my dreams attach to you
But they never let me down the way that you do
I had the mind of god and now I do not
You're the only thing that my mind's got
I can never trust the people all around me
I only trust myself when there's nothing left to see
We only feel close when we're far away
When we sit across the room there is nothing left to say

My pain is your pain
So what right do I have to hold you for gain
I want no goodbyes
Because I'd think about them for the rest of my life

I did Ninety down a two lane street that night
Now they've widened it to four and it doesn't feel right
And you've got all your memories just like me
And the best that we can do is trying to speak
What if we spend the rest of our lives
Chasing a spark from our very first night
Worse yet what if we just made up the whole thing
And we just chase a lie, a fetish of our dreams

I saw you through the camera lens
And stored you somewhere in my head
Somehow my memories of you
Are incomplete, incorrect
Synapses determine which ones are kept
It seems that logically, the dots of light I see are giant stars
But some are burned out and passed away
Only their light still remains, and even that will someday
Someday fade
Track Name: Cheap Blow
We dug up our lives under a tree late at night
I saw a tear in your eye
We shared a kiss in the front seat of my car
It won't be you

So let's aim low
Let's throw a cheap blow
And feed this emptiness
So let's aim low
Let's throw a cheap blow
I'm too tired to resist

We've made a mess and there are better things ahead
You know I'll be there on your day
We'll share a look and then you'll turn back away
It won't be you
Track Name: Livewire
You flew in
One Sunday night
These days are so long
And you put up a fight
But the rain started flowing
And we all washed away
And eyes all a-glowing
You asked me to stay

Well I never saw you
Look that way again
And I’d never hurt you
Except that I did

This secret I’m keeping
Is the loneliest kind
That thing that I hoped for
Is finally mine
So I took the short road
And I ran away
I couldn't bear your
Face the next day

Well I never saw you
Look that way again
And I’d never hurt you
Except that I did

You’re a livewire
Track Name: Dead Ends
I hold my head up too proud
Sometimes my voice is too loud
Knowing this stranger inside, it made me feel alive

Through every song, I built a lie
I let them nest deep inside
There's a pain in living, it's not the same remembering

I want to know
If this feeling inside will ever leave me alone
I always called it my own

That was then, that was then
And I can't live it all again
And these are all just more dead ends

I'm addicted to feeling strange
And the way you say my name
with apologetic strains, please tell me that we're not the same

That was then, that was then
Won't you let me live again
leave behind all our dead ends
Track Name: Best of Me
What do I now?
Is it going to show?
Am I alone in this?
Do they know where to go?
They said to dream big
They said be realistic
But now it’s just a vague unclear image

And now I can’t see
What’s right in front of me
Cause all of my dreaming
It got the best of me

One day we’ll find out
What is hope and hopeless
And I’m going to crawl myself up
Out of this mess

But maybe, just maybe
I’ll figure one thing out
And I’ll be the kind of man
Who can live without doubt
Track Name: Across the Room
When you're out in your car, nobody knows where you are
Nobody has the right
Just to feel that old spark, you never go very far
No one would understand
And you drink every night, and no it never felt right
But nothing else comes to you
And he'll push you around, don't care what happens now
What's just another fight?

I just want to break down the walls of my ego
I just want to feel you letting go

And with all of the things that defined myself
I’m starting to see
They belonged together more than they
They belonged to me
Nobody has to follow, we can disappear
Into our summer selves
If this all stays inside, never yours as much as mine
Then what did I ever find

If you could see
The water they waste on me
The sprinklers alight to feed
Suspicion of hidden beauty
You're closer but fading
Both anticipating
You respond but I am asleep
Track Name: Strangers on a Train
Trying to capture a shiver, turning aches into words
All those things I wish I said, the secrets I never told
Now they just drift out from these fingers on a piano alone
Coming home, I felt an itch inside, so I just drove and drove
Same old thought, but tonight I knew what I couldn't postpone
There's a sadness comes when a man finds his dreams weren't his own

Our words are failing
The quiet is stifling
We're all just strangers on this train

We've seen a lot, learned to trust with our ears when the bands played
Felt that line between what we'll keep and what we're willing to trade
I made some hard choices because the world takes the rest away

Our words are failing
The quiet is stifling
We're all just strangers on this train
Memories are fading
I'm watching dry lightning
We're all just strangers on this train

It's so hard to really know someone's mind
Words are a poor substitute for what we have inside
So sometimes I just choose the lie
Track Name: Grace
Sun above my head
Childhood at my feet
What does my fate hold
Will I keep these things
The wisdom and the fear
The anger and the belief
Wrestle in me now
I only want release

Mother, Father, Brother, and Lover
I can’t hide
You’re all with me now
What’s done is done
But I will climb out
Grace won’t let me down

I looked you in the eye
As the final words were said
I slowly shut the door
On what could have been the end
But I’ll learn from this mess
I’ll put my fear and pride away
Keep your violent self-doubt
Until it burns away
Track Name: Disappointment
It's all we ever needed
Staring at the ceiling
Feeling sort of bored now
More than just scared now
Twenty years and counting
Plans all but forgotten
You hate him so you threw him out
Sleeping in his bed now

It comes around again
You'll lock your door, the night will end

Is this it?
Just this disappointment
Well I’ll hold you till it passes by

Listening to the radio
Only songs I don't know
Driving on the same streets
Still doing all the same things
You're drinking more than ever
Like we did together
Lights on in your window
Oh you think I don't know?

It comes around again
We'll see it through my friend

The air is warming, know some time has passed
Tasted a silhouette against my bedroom door, you were gone so fast
I never needed more than a lonely smile to ease the slam of the bed
Telling me it's done, hope for a better one, right now I just can't
Move on